The Challenge – Scandinavian

I’m happy to have joined up with the group The Challenge to inspire a little creativity while I get back into the swing of things. The theme for October is .. Scandinavian. For this challenge I have created a mid-century modern inspired Frode Desk.

Enchant3D – Frode Desk – 700x525

Visit Enchant3D @ Snatch City to pick up the Frode Desk at a special discount for the month of October.

To learn more about The Challenge visit:

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Twisted Hunt: Qi

I’m happy to be participating in the Fall Twisted Hunt this year. For the hunt I made a black garden pergola which contains 9 scripted yoga poses: Meditate, Prayer, Levitate (pictured), Boat, Camel, Cobra, Dancer, Tree and Warrior poses.


Twisted Hunt Starting Point

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Enchant3D Update

I’ve been bad with keeping up this blog but I have good reason! I had a baby in RL in February and he’s amazing but a real handful. He’s a little over 6 months now so able to play independently for short periods so I’m able to sneak back into blender now and then and do a little work. I was working on a shop on the Asylum sim but unfortunately the sim had to close. I set up a new shop at  Snatch City and am slowly filling it with my latest projects. More to come soon!

Feel Free To Stop In: Enchant3D @ Snatch City

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