Don’t Panic!

Don’t Panic is an interactive Second Life horror gaming experience with multiple levels, challenging puzzles, big scares and prizes from all your favorite creators (including Enchant3D) and produced by Pulse Games, Pulse and Snatch City sims.


While you play the game be sure to keep your eyes open for rats with read glowing eyes. In two of them you may find prizes from Enchant3D!

Spirit Board

dp-spiritboard_001 Ariadne Strapless Top (Sizes XXS-L included).


Bring your friends, play together, but whatever you do, Don’t Panic!

Game ends on November 17th!


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Enchant3D @ The Knitting Circle (Inworldz)

I am happy to be participating as one of the merchants at the Knitting Circle (InWorldz). We’ve just updated the build and are having a grand re0opening today. For the reopening I have 3 new rigged mesh dress releases ($100I’z per 3 color pack). A gacha out front of the store with Garrison Caps only $10I’z a play. And if you visit the discount room in the main Knitting Circle office you’ll find a free gemstone ring – a gift for you.


Although I do plan to bring these items to other grids eventually, currently they are available only at the Knitting Circle (Inworldz). Come down and join us today.


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We’re All Mad Here!

I’m a little late on this one but I’ve got an prop kit out for $L1 for the We’re All Mad Here Hunt coordinated by inkantation hunts. The hunt item includes Giant Mushroom (4LI), Which Way Sign (1LI) and the Red(?) rose bush (1LI) props for your Alice in Wonderland photography & role play.

We're all mad here

Hunt runs through until June 19th!

Go direct to #38 Enchant3D @ Pulse or for more fun try the Hunt Starting Point

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