Enchant3D @ Wear Gray

I’m pleased to participate in the Wear Gray For A Day event raising awareness and funds for the American Brain Tumor Association. I do so in memory of a good friend of mine who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2007, and sadly passed away in April 2011.

The Queen Stands Alone

For this event I created a series of human chess avatar props. Each chess piece comes with a sculpted body (with animation override), a hat, and an alpha layer to hide the avatar body from the neck down.

When you wear the body of the chess piece your avatar is animated and lowered into the ground. Depending on your height the body may need to be adjusted using the Move or Stretch tools in the Build -> Edit window.

Conceivably if you could get 32 people together on a sim you could play a game of human chess, where you’d have to make decisions as a team on what move to make next!

Alternately if you’re a hermit like me you might find a use for them as an artistic photography props.

(click thumbnails for enlarged preview).

Each chess piece is sold separately for only L$25L. I’ve also put out an 8×8 human chess board prop as a freebie at the market. The market is open now so hurry down and support this cause: Enchant3D @ the Wear Gray Market

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