Aloha from Flux August

The theme for Flux this month is “Kon Tiki Trailer Park & The Flamingo Lounge”.

Flux Aug 2013

My main item for this event is an animated, playable, Ukulele! It plays once when you first attach it. There is a clickable menu that allows you to Play Once or Play Continuously.

Second Life Ukulele

I’ve also go a Gacha machine set up at my idol where you can pay to win a coconut cocktail with one of 6 umbrella colors. Cocktails are wearable & animated or rezzable as a prop at just 1LI.

Coconut Cocktails Second Life

For the thrifty fashionista I’ve set out the most fabulous color changing Leopard Fez as a dollarbie for the event. You can click it for a menu to switch it between green, pink and purple texture variations.

Second Life Leopard Fez

And last but definitely not least, my Beach Set Gacha. Prizes include a fire pit (3LI), beach chairs witth 3 color variations green, red, and turquoise (1LI Each), tiki torch (1LI) and deco surfboard (1LI). All proceeds from this Gacha go to towards Flux to help cover costs for the event .. so play often!

Second Life Beach Props

Flux can end at any time, so hurry down and check out the great stuff!

Thanks for your support <3

Fianna Idora

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