Irish Elfish Ears – New Release

Ok I know all your die hard grammar cops are gonna try and tell me its Elvish ears – but I called them Elfish ears for a reason yeah, its not because I’m too lazy to go back and redo the promos…

I met an adorable little elf the other day that wished she had more elven friends to play with… this inspired me to break out zbrush (like I need an excuse) and sculpt some elfish ears.

2 pairs of sculpted ears are included, the first set is bare/plain and the second set contains the Chimera silver hoop and glass bead piercings. The ears are sculpted texture change on touch and contain 16 Caucasian & Fantasy tones. I’ve also left the ears modify, so you can tint them as desired.

Now available at all [E3D] Enchant3D Emporium locations.

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