The Challenge – Art Deco

The Challenge | for builders for DecemberĀ is Art Deco. For this challenge I created the Roaring 2020’s Fireplace – an Art Deco inspired fireplace that is truly ahead of its time šŸ˜‰


TheĀ fireplace has a white/grey marble texture and a brass color fireplace grate. The fire / light are scripted to turn on and off on touch. Land Impact: 2

Visit Enchant3D @ Snatch City to pick up theĀ Roaring 2020’s FireplaceĀ at a special discount for the month of December.

To learn more about The Challenge visit:Ā

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Ootapanask Sled for 20Twenty

I am pleased to participate in 20Twenty.Ā 20Twenty is a monthly instore event, beginning on the 20th of every month, spanning 20 days, and offering exclusive items from 20 curated designers at 20% off.

For this event we created the Ootapanask Sled, an antique sled pose prop with 3 pose pairs: Sit, Belly, and Surf.


The sled is a non-vehicle / pose prop only, however I’ve also included a full perm vehicle script that I tinkered with in the box in case you want to drop it in a copy of the sled and go for a ride*.

*Enchant3D is not responsible for any injuries or property damage that may occur. šŸ˜‰

Visit Enchant3D @ Snatch City to get yours after November 20th (20% Off for 20 days).Ā Thanks for supporting Enchant3D and the designers of 20Twenty!

Learn more about the 20Twenty event here:


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Can I axe you a question?

So Halloween is over.. but is your nightmare just beginning?

Grande Old Halloween Horrorfest H

Grande Olde Halloween Horrorfest Hunt Starting Point

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